Why Alpha?

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Our aim is to deliver simpler, clearer, faster services for our residents. We’re committed to improving and have created this website to try things out. We’re testing new solutions to old problems. It’s important that our services are designed for people rather than process.
We are on a journey and this is the beginning. We know it’s a big challenge because we have a rather complicated service. We have hand-offs across people and departments. There are many reasons for this. But why it happens is because we don’t design our services for the customer’s needs first. We instead make it work within our structure and processes.
We have assembled a small team of front-line colleagues and service designers. The team put user needs first, and prioritised them, narrowed the focus and chose the top ones. We identified a few of our most frequent housing related requests. Permissions for a pet, changing household member details and changing something about a tenancy.
With each service we are looking at we are asking questions. How can we resolve a residents enquiry through their first contact with us. What do we need to do to make that happen. How can we simplify the process so a resident only needs to tell us once. It’s much easier to make something complicated, it is more difficult to make something simple. With our guiding principles – simple to use; empower colleagues with knowledge; do what we say we will. Simplicity is about knowing what to leave in and what to take out.
We’re looking for Rushcliffe residents who want to test how well our services work for all, we’d love to hear from you. Please register your interest using our online form.
Head of Service Design


2 responses to “Why Alpha?”
  1. Barbara

    I have lived here at [address withhold], for 12 years. I am now 85, am fit and healthy and happy, have good neighbours and the use of a lovely garden.
    Until recently I sent in regular reports to TVH re the visits of the gardeners and
    the cleaner. I am grateful that management is always available to ensure that everything is working well.
    I like in Why Alpha you say it is important that your services are designed for people and the residents rather than unnecessary unwanted updates.
    Two recent projects I have received letters to say our flat entrance doors and also
    my kitchen and bathroom will be replaced. I’m happy with the present ones which
    I personally updated when I moved in.
    I think the money would be better used to instal a water tap at the front of the house and also a new TV aerial which is broken and ancient

  2. Tracey Allen

    Thank you for your comments. We are recruiting residents to be involved in testing our online services. Find out more https://alpha.mtvh.co.uk/shape-the-future-of-our-services/help-test-our-online-services/ and register to take part.

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