Help us design websites that work for everyone

Are you frustrated by websites that don’t work as you expect? Like when you don’t know which button to press to navigate? Do you wish things could just be simple and clear?

My role as User Experience Designer is to help make sure our websites are easy to use and make sense to the people who use them. One of the ways for me to understand how to improve a website is through usability testing. By testing our websites with customers, it can help us understand where people might get stuck and find ways to fix the problem.

I know it seems obvious to you when things aren’t working well, but we don’t know it’s not working for you until you tell us.

What is usability testing?

A usability testing session lasts about 1 hour.
During the session, we’ll ask some questions looking for your honest opinion, give you some activities and see how easy the site is to use.
This is a test on how well the site works, we aren’t testing you!

During testing we’ll identify problems. After the session we’ll make changes to improve the site based on what we’ve learnt with you.

To make sure our websites work well for all customers, we need to test with as many different people as possible. So if you are a web beginner, expert, or use assistive technologies, we want to test how well our sites work for all of you.

Testing is open to all MTVH homeowners or tenants.
When you take part, we will give you a £30 love 2 shop voucher.

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