Tracking repairs for your home 🛠

Repairs can be a pain. We know. We can’t make sure that you won’t need the occasional repair, but when something isn’t right we can make it easier for you to request repairs and keep track of your requests.

As Digital Product Manager I work with our in-house team of software engineers and designers as well as specialist from different service areas within MTVH to make our online services for customers as helpful as possible. The list of ideas and opportunities long, so a part of my job is to prioritise what we focus on.

I’m delighted to say that, in response to customer feedback, we are currently introducing new features to MTVH Online to help you understand what will happen with your repairs and when. In your MTVH Online account you can now see the status, details of orders raised to MTVH’s contractors and any appointments booked for repairs to your home.

You can easily ask for new repairs too, as we have streamlined the process for telling us about your repair needs and showing us pictures, so that we can better diagnose the problem and get it resolved faster.

Request a repair for your home


MTVH Online - Repair requests

MTVH Online – Repair requests

You can request a new repair for your home

  • Use MTVH Online to tell us about things that need to be repaired in your home.
  • Show us too. You can include photos in your repair request. Pictures speak 1,000 words!
  • The request now goes directly into our housing management system, making it quicker for our repairs team to process.

MTVH Online – Repair request details

You can also track the progress of your repairs in your MTVH Online account.

  • You can see an overview of recent repairs.
  • When you select a repair, you can see its details, including
    • The status of your repair request.
    • Orders raised to contractors (incl. completion date).
    • Time and date of appointments booked with contractors.
    • Timeline of progress.
  • If something is not quite right, you can send us a message about it right away.


As a homeowner / shared owner you are normally responsible for everything; including repairs within your property. Therefore, you cannot request repairs for your home online.

Request a repair for a communal area

A communal area is an area shared by multiple households, like the lifts, hallways or bin stores.

Homeowners and tenants

While you can still request a new repair for a communal area, or talk to us about an ongoing or recent repair, the request doesn’t go directly into our housing management system, and you can’t see its status in your account.

Communal repairs are more complex than repairs to a home, because multiple households share the same communal spaces. That’s why we chose to start with repairs for a home.

Further development work is needed to be able to raise communal repairs directly into the system, and to show you the progress of repairs to your communal areas in your account. We are literally implementing this as an extension of the work we have done for repairs inside homes. The further work involves both the MTVH Online development team and our third-party housing management system provider.

A step by step launch

We have launched the ability to track home repairs while we continue to work on the development of tracking communal repairs.

It does not mean we have deprioritised communal repairs. It’s simply a matter of why not start using what’s already working. 78% of repair requests are for homes, and 22% of requests are for communal areas, and we can now handle the 78% of repair requests we receive more efficiently by:

  • Sending the requests straight into our housing management system (this used to be a manual task, even when repairs were raised through MTVH Online).
  • Reducing the number of people contacting us to follow up on a repair request (as the progress of the repair is now visible online).

This benefits everyone, as our colleagues spend less time processing repair requests for homes. This frees up more time to things which can’t yet be done online, and solving complex queries.

One service

The step by step launch also takes us closer to our ambitions to give you more visibility over your repairs and to offer the same service for everyone who lives in a MTVH property.

  • If you live in a Thames Valley Housing Association property, you already have this ability with MyTVH service.
  • If you live in a Metropolitan Housing Trust property, we are now developing the same functionality for you in MTVH Online.

Ultimately, MTVH Online and MyTVH will become a single service, but we want you to use and benefit from each piece of functionality as soon as it’s ready.

Future development

As we continue to improve the raising and tracking of repairs through MTVH Online, and as we implement further digital services, we want to make sure that what we develop works well for you.

One of the ways we do this is by inviting yourself and other residents, customers and colleagues in usability testing and research sessions.

You can find out more and register your interest here.

Digital Product Manager