Service Charges – Going back to basics

March saw the first glimpses of spring, clocks going forwards, some random smatterings of snow and more importantly our 2nd Service Charges Customer Steering Group.

It was another extremely productive 90 minutes, with a focus this time on communication; what you want from us, when and how. The message came through to us loud and clear……it is really important to you, our customers, that we get the basics right first and foremost. You’ve told us:

  • The format of the statements is inconsistent
  • You’d like some more supplementary information explaining things like sinking funds
  • Statements are difficult to understand
  • Statements should be clear and set out the division of responsibilities between leaseholders and MTVH
  • MTVH need to put themselves in customers shoes

Between now and our next meeting we will be working with colleagues from across MTVH, using this feedback and understanding how – and more importantly when – we can make some positive changes to our statements.

Personally I’m so excited that we have this group in place. Colleagues still reflect now on the feedback you gave us in November and how you told us you feel about service charges. As we review our processes and look for opportunities to improve your feedback is at the forefront of our minds. I mentioned in March that one of the key principles of the project is transparency and as the project progresses we look forward to working with this group to test ideas and shape the future of service charges.

The next meeting will be in June. We already have some suggestions for the agenda; Sinking funds and fees. If there is anything else you’d like to see on the agenda in future meetings, or you have any other suggestions, please use the contact form here.

See you in June!