How to reduce noise in your home

We expect all our customers to be considerate.  

  • Talk to your neighbour in advance of making noise.
    For instance, let your neighbour know before you’re planning on doing a DIY project or having a party. This can help them to prepare and provide an opportunity for you to agree on a day and time that suits you both.  
  • Consider the time of the day.
    Late at night and early in the morning are more disturbing for others. Try to avoid washing machines, door slamming, and heavy footsteps during these times. 
  • Position equipment away from shared walls.
    Place sound equipment off the floor, wear headphones where possible. Use carpets, rugs, and soft furnishings to absorb noise. 
  • Do not leave your dog alone at home for long periods of time.
    If you must leave your dog alone, make sure it’s well exercised and fed. Some dogs like a radio for company, or get a friend or neighbour to look in. If your dog continues to bark, consider dog training.