Keep a diary 

If the disturbance continues, we will ask you to keep a diary. Records of the event must include the date and time and where it took place. We will also need to know the duration and any effect on your household. Also, include any conversations with your neighbour which explain what happened in detail. 


Date  Time  How long did it last?  What happened?  Who was involved  The affect on me 
02/07/2020  2am  30 minutes  I could hear loud music coming from the flat above, it started at 2am and went on for 30minutes  Neighbour at number 8  I was woken from sleep at 1 am and had to be up for work at 7am 


Noise App 

You can also use NoiseApp free of charge for android or Iphone. It will allow you to take audio recordings and add comments about how you were affected. The app automatically records the time, date and location and is then sent to your Housing Officer. For more information and guidance read  The NoiseApp Guidance.