What is reasonable music noise?   

Some noise is unavoidable. We need to accept that we may hear music from our neighbour from time to time. We would not investigate 

  • one-off party  
  • Infrequent music playing 
  • Where the reporter has a higher expectation of quiet eg shift worker   


What is unreasonable music noise?  

There are some types of noises we consider as antisocial behaviour. It is unreasonable if the noise is extremely loud and happens on a regular basis. We will not investigate one-off incidents. Examples of unreasonable music noise might be: 

  • Music played continually causing a regular disturbance on a daily/weekly basis 
  • Music which can be heard regularly outside the persons property between 11pm and 7am  


What can you do first? 

Talk to your neighbour. We encourage starting a polite chat with your neighbour. They may not be aware that they are disturbing you. We would expect you to attempt to resolve any issues yourself before involving us. Guidance on how to approach your neighbour. 

Watch the video for advice.   



What to do if the noise continues? 

1. Evidence it’s happening 

Wwill need to see this evidence if you need to report it later. We will need to understand the seriousness and number of events. What the impact that their behaviour is having on you and others. 

  •  Use NoiseApp
    Use the NoiseApp to make note of each noise you hear. It works by saving sound recordings so that they are available to review by your chosen organisation. This can be your Local Authority if they are a member, or ‘Metropolitan’ (which is us). 


  • Keep a Diary
    Write down a note of each noise you hear. We have tips and templates you can use to help you do this. Your Local Authority can use these if you approach them. We will also expect you to share these if required. 
2. Contact Local Authority 

Often, your Local Authority has more power to determine what is legally a noise nuisance. Many Local Authorities have the equipment and authority to measure the noise to verify the level of noise nuisance. Some also accept your NoiseApp notes as evidence. If your Local Authority verifies your noise issues, we can help support you to a resolution. 

You can go to your local authority and then find the section for the Environmental health team. 

3. Report to us 


Other ways we can help. 

If you have personal reasons that mean you can’t speak to your neighbour, we can offer support. Relationships are an important part of living in a community. They give everyone a chance to live well. As a resident, we can help with confidential, one to one support. Our Empowering Futures team can support you to address the issues that may need. 

Our helpful tips and tools might be all you need. 


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