Apply to Operate a Business from Home

Starting a business from home is becoming more common. They can help people have an income and chance to live well. MTVH encourages residents to start their own businesses, but if it will be operated at home it is important to make sure it is legal and suitable for the property. You must get permission first before operating a business in your home. 

Use this service to  
  • Apply to operate a business from home 


Before you start

  • Check if you need to apply. See table below 
  • You must be the named tenant on your tenancy agreement 
  • You will need to give details of the business and activities 
  • We will need your operating times and types of visitors who will come to the property, if it applies  
  •  It is your responsibility to understand the rules. Your business needs to meet all the required legislation and regulations. For more information on setting up a business visit and local authority checker at  
  • If your property needs alterations to allow you to run the business, you will need to apply for permission separately by completing the Property Alteration Application Form and returning it to us.  


Do I need to apply?  

You only need to ask permission if you are operating a business in your property.   


Graphic showing when you need to ask for permission





What businesses won’t get permission? 
There are cases where we won’t give permission to operate a business from home. Some examples are:  

  • Potential to cause nuisance to neighbours or damage to the property; for example, high footfall or heavy usage 
  • Excessively noisy machinery; for example, Car and motorcycle repairs 
  • Anything that risks the health and safety of yourself, other household members and neighbours 
  • Storage of flammable products; for example, gas canisters, flammable liquids etc. 
  • Major alterations to the property; for example, removing integral walls 
  • Breaches to your tenancy agreement 


I’ve not run a business before, how will it affect my Universal Credit or Benefits?
Any change to your income is likely to have an impact on your Universal Credit or benefits claim. You should let the 
right people or organisations know of any changes. In most cases, you have 4 weeks to notify the relevant parties of any changes. You can find guidance at and    


Can customers come to my property?
Depending on the business, we understand that customers may come to the propertyHigh amounts of footfall will be a nuisance to neighbours We will likely not give permission for businesses that have high levels of footfall. 


What if I travel to my customers?
It may mean 
you’re not operating your business in your property. In this case, you don’t need permission. Consider the frequency of collections and deliveries to the property. Excessive footfall will be a nuisance to neighbours in the same way as customers coming to you.  


I’m new to running a business, what do I need to do? has general guidance on what you need to do to run a business from home

This is basic advice. It is your responsibility to understand the rules. Your business needs to meet all the required legislation and regulations.   


I need to change things in my property to allow me to run my business, what can I do?
If you need to make alterations to the property you must apply for permission. This is because alterations can 
impact on safety and even insurance of the property. It is unlikely that we will allow major alterations to the property. You will need to apply for permission to alter the property. Download and complete Property Alteration Application Form 


Can you withdraw permission for the business?
If your business becomes a nuisance or receives complaints, firstly we will ask you to try to prevent the nuisanceIf the nuisance continues, we may ask that you stop operating the business, due to you breaking the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. See our advice on being a good neighbour here.