Reporting a death and apply to take over the tenancy

It may be possible for someone who is living with the tenant who died to stay at the property and take over the tenancy. This is called succession.  

The right to take over the tenancy is dependent on 

  • if you lived with the tenant before they died – it will only count if it was your main home and not a temporary one 
  • if you were living together as a couple, civil partnership or married 
  • if you’re related to the person who died 
  • how long you lived with the person who died  
  • the type of tenancy they had and how long they had it for 
  • what the tenancy agreement says – it might give you more rights to take over the tenancy 

If you are a joint tenant with the person who has died you have the right to stay in your home and take over the tenancy.  You will need to complete this form. 

For most tenancies, there is only one right of succession. If there has already been a succession to the tenancy then no further rights will be granted.    

Before you start 

  • You must provide your contact details  
  • You must have details of the tenant who died 
  • You will need details of anyone who is currently living at the property including name, date of birth and relationship to the tenant who has died 
  • You will need to upload a copy of the death certificate, if available 
  • You will need to upload photo ID proof and National Insurance Number. Proof of ID we accept
  • You will need to upload evidence to demonstrate that you have lived at the property. Proof of residence we accept
  • You will need to upload proof of relationship certificate. Proof of relationship we accept 


What happens next 

  • We’ll check we have everything we need to continue.
  • We look at the tenancy agreement, property type and size.
  • We will need to do an affordability check. You can get started and download the Affordability Check Form
  • Before we complete the application, we will arrange an inspection of the property. This is to check the property is how it should be.