Reporting a death and ending the tenancy

It’s important to report as soon as possible after an MTVH tenant dies. A tenancy does not end when a death occurs. The tenancy must end or taken over. Use this form to report the death and start the process of ending the tenancy. 

The rent will be payable until the tenancy ends and the keys to the property returned. Housing Benefit or Universal Credit is cancelled following the Tenant’s death. 

Who can end the Tenancy 

The next of kin or the Executor of the tenant’s Will can end a tenancy. If there is no Will, we need a letter of administration and details of who is looking after the tenant’s financial affairs.  

If there is anyone living at the property it is important that you tell us. They may have rights to stay at the property and we will need to look into this before the tenancy ends.  

Where there is no one to end the tenancy we can serve notice on the public trustee to bring the tenancy to an end.    

Before you start 

  • We’ll ask for details of the Next of Kin, Executor or Administrator 
  • You must provide your contact details  
  • You must have details of the tenant who died (name, address, date of death) 
  • We’ll ask you if anyone else is currently living at the property 
  • You will need to upload a copy of the death certificate, if available 

What happens next 

  • If there is no one living at the property we will send a Tenancy Arrangement form to be signed by the Next of Kin, Administrator or Executor to give 4 weeks’ notice to end the tenancy 
  • You must provide the death certificate if you have not already done so 
  • You will need to remove all possessions from the property, loft and garden. If there are any items left at the property we may charge for removal. 
  • You will need to return the keys  
  • You will need to arrange for the payment of any outstanding rent at the property. This is usually done by the person dealing with the financial affairs of the tenant who died.