FAQs – Household members

Do you need to know I’ve had a baby?
Yes, if you provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, we can add them to your household. 
 If you are claiming benefits you should also tell the relevant government agencies as your benefits may change. This may include department of work and pensions, universal credit or housing benefit departments.
What is the difference between my partner being a household member and a tenant?
If you add your partner as a household member you will keep all the rights under your sole tenancy.  If your partner is also on the agreement you are both responsible for all the conditions of the tenancy. Joint tenants have the same rights to live at the property. 
If I die, will members of my household have the right to my tenancy? 
Certain members of your household may have a right to succeed to your tenancy. This can be through law or as part of your tenancy agreement. 
Read more about succeeding a tenancy.
How many people can I add to my household?
The front page of your tenancy agreement has the number of household members. You must keep all household members information up to date. This includes anyone who is living with you as their main home. For children, this is usually the person who is receiving the child benefit. If you need a larger property you can seek a mutual exchange. Or apply to your local council or choice-based letting scheme in your area.
What can I do, all my family have moved out and I have spare bedrooms?
If you want to move to a smaller property you can apply through a mutual exchange. You can also apply to your local council or choice-based letting scheme in your area. Please contact us if you are struggling to pay your rent. We have money advisors who can help maximise your income and apply for benefits.
Can I have a lodger?
If you have been a tenant of MTVH for 12 months you can request permission to have a lodger.
If you are receiving benefit payments, you will also need to notify Local Authority Council tax, housing benefit and universal credit. Be aware that having a lodger may affect your benefits, council tax and utility bills. We recommend you seek advice before taking in a lodger.
What if a member of my household causes a nuisance?
You are responsible for ensuring all members of your household follow the rules on the Tenancy Agreement. You are responsible if a member of your household breaches your tenancy. This includes causing a nuisance. 
Can my partner pay my rent?
You can provide authority for your partner to make rent payments. As the tenant, you are responsible for the rent. If you miss a payment and there are arrears on your account we will start recovery action. Setting up rent payments is easy through
MTVH online.
Who else do I need to tell if I have changes to my household?
If you are claiming benefits you will need to tell Department of Work and Pensions, Universal Credit and or Housing Benefit. If the person is over 18 you will also need to tell the Local Council tax department. You may see a reduction in your benefits if the person is over 18 and not in full-time education. Please check your rent account to ensure you do not fall into arrears. Please contact us if you are struggling to pay your rent. We have money advisors who can help maximise your income and apply for benefits. 
Can I add someone for you to talk to on my behalf?
Yes. Add the person as a household member if the person is living with you. If the person is not living with you, we can talk to them. You will need to complete a consent to share information form in both instances.