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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not confident with speaking to my neighbour.
We have helpful
 tips to help you prepare for a conversation with your neighbour.  

Will my neighbour know that I have reported them?
We will ask your permission at the start of our investigation. If you don’t give consent, it can be very difficult for us to investigate. We will not say who made the report but sometimes it’s obvious who the report has come from.

Can I report anonymously?
No. We don’t accept anonymous complaints. We cannot act without understanding the situation of who it affects and how. If you are not confident in speaking to your neighbour we have some
helpful tips. If you do have concerns about your safety then you should contact the Police. 

Contact the relevant agencies if you have concerns about the safety and welfare of others. Call the police if you believe someone is in immediate danger or there is criminal activity. Call 999 in an emergency or 101 non-emergencies.  

  1. Keeping children safe 
  2. Safeguarding adults 

I am having issues with my neighbour will you re-house me?
No, it is unlikely that we would re-house you. We always look to resolve the issue. We will take appropriate action to remedy the situation. 

How soon will someone be in touch after I make a report?
We aim to respond within 5 working days of you making a report. 

Why do I need to complete diary sheets? As the person affected by the noise, we need you to tell us the details of the incident(s). We find the best format for this is diary sheets, you can find an example on how to keep a record. The important thing is to keep a record of the incident as soon after it has happened. Also include the time and date it happened, the detail of what happened and how it affected you. This means that we then have the most up to date record for the investigation. 

Will you evict my neighbour?
Eviction is a decision made by the Court. It is very rare to evict a resident for a noise nuisance. Our aim is to work with those involved to reach a resolution so that everyone can live well. Our intention is to do this without the need for legal action.

How long will it take to resolve my issue?
Our aim is to work with everyone involved to reach a resolution so that everyone can live well. Our aim is to do this as soon as possible.

My neighbour has approached me about my noise, what should I do? 
Knowing that someone is affected by your noise can be upsetting but you shouldn’t take it personally. By approaching you first your neighbour has shown that they want to resolve it with you informally.  Listen to what they have to say and if you think you could be making a noise, we have some helpful tips to reduce your noise. 
What happens if my neighbour said they have reported to you about my noise? 
It can be upsetting if someone reports your noise. It is important to get as many details as you can regarding what your neighbour says you have done.  You will then be able to think about if you could be making a noise.  If so, we have some helpful tips to reduce your noise. Not all noise reports are valid, we will listen to you and investigate the report.  This can involve the use of noise monitoring equipment to show if there is a noise problem. We can also offer Mediation from an independent trained person to help you put thing right between you and your neighbour.