What will happen next 

  • Completing this form does not mean MTVH will be opening a case or investigating this report.  
  • We will review the report and diary record or NoiseApp information. We will then consider what actions we will take next. The factors below will help us:
    • The noise which you can hear and how often it happens 
    • The evidence that is available from diary sheets or Noise app recordings 
    • The impact that the noise is having on you and other residents 
    • Whether the person/people causing problems have had the opportunity to change their behaviour and if there has been an improvement 
  • We will contact you and make an agreement for the next steps we will both take. Without your agreement our actions are limited. The next steps may include:- 
    • Reporting the noise to the Local Authority  
    •  Sending a letter or visiting the person causing the noise 
    • Keeping a diary or Noise app recordings if the noise continues 
    • Mediation with the person causing the noise 
    • Offering support from our Empowering Futures team 
    • Regular communication between us until the problem is resolved 

Other ways we can help. 

If you have personal reasons that mean you can’t speak to your neighbour, we can offer support. Relationships are an important part of living in a community. They give everyone a chance to live well. As a resident, we can help with confidential, one to one support. Our Empowering Futures team can support you to address the issues that may need. 

Our helpful tips and tools might be all you need. 

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