Joint tenant reporting a death and taking over Tenancy

Joint tenants living with the person who died  have the right to stay in the home and take over the tenancy. You will need to report the death to us so that the tenancy agreement details are updated.  

Use this service to report a death and update the tenancy agreement. 

Before you start 

  • You must provide your contact details   
  • You must have details of the tenant who died  
  • You will need details of anyone who is currently living at the property including name, date of birth and relationship to you 
  • You will need to upload a copy of the death certificate, if available  
  • You will need to upload photo ID proof.  Proof of ID we accept 

What happens next 

  • We’ll check we have everything we need to continue  
  • If we require any further information we will contact you 
  • We will write to you to tell you when the changes have been made